old picture from 2001 , wir we are over 40 lemminge now

karori, also a few missing

i am playing since the age of 7 for sv bergtedt 1949 e.v. in hamburg. since july the 17th i play for karori hockey club 1989 in wellington. if i will live in hamburg or wellington i do not think i will ever play for another club, but you should nerver say never. the newest info on their sites or links.

i am also coaching in bergstedt. i have trained one girl team starting at the age of 13 up to the ladies team and since then i am also coaching the ladies. this year i have started to with another girls squad aged 13 to 15 additionally to the women. i have aquired the b licence of the german hockey federation and plan to achive as a next, but probably not last step the a licence in the near future




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